Our Coast to Coast trainer arriving in Ulukhaktok

Coast to Coast Training in Ulukhaktok, Vancouver Island

Coast to Coast Training is a Canadian training company committed to providing effective training solutions to businesses and organizations across the country. The company is dedicated to improving the skills and knowledge of employees and helping them achieve their full potential. In August 2022, Coast to Coast traveled to Ulukhaktok, a hamlet on the west coast of Vancouver Island, in the Inuvik region of the Northwest Territories, Canada to deliver a training solution. With a population of approximately 400 people, the hamlet of Ulukhaktok was the perfect location for Coast to Coast to demonstrate their commitment to community help and community education.

Traveling from Toronto, Ontario, the journey to Ulukhaktok took two days, with four airplanes and five stops along the way. Despite the long journey, the Coast to Coast trainer was greeted with a warm welcome in Ulukhaktok. The trainer bundled up, ready to brave the cold temperatures, which averaged between minus 5 and minus 10 degrees Celsius over the five-day stay. The trainer was there to install a new point-of-sale system and provide hands-on training to local employees.

The trainer was impressed by the community’s commitment to education and their eagerness to learn about the new poThe name Ulukhaktok translates to “where there is ulu material”, referring to the copper used to make the semi-circular Inuit knife called an ulu. The community of Ulukhaktok is rich in culture and history, and the Coast to Coast trainer had the opportunity to learn more about the community and its people during his stay. The local business owners were warm and welcoming, offering the trainer a comfortable place to stay for the point-of-sale system.

The trainer spent the week training local employees on the new system, sharing his knowledge and expertise to help them serve customers effectively. The residents of Ulukhaktok were very receptive to the training, and the trainer was pleased to see the progress they made over the week. The hands-on training provided by the Coast to Coast trainer will have a lasting impact on the community, helping to improve the skills and knowledge of local employees and drive success for local businesses.

In conclusion, Coast to Coast Training’s commitment to delivering effective training solutions and helping employees achieve their full potential is evident in their efforts to travel to communities in Northern Canada, despite the challenging winter weather conditions. The company’s dedication to community help and community education is a testament to their commitment to serving the needs of businesses and organizations across the country. The warm welcome received in Ulukhaktok and the progress made by local employees during the training is a testament to the company’s commitment to delivering high-quality training solutions.


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